Agency for Human Empowerment, Pakistan

Ala'ela For Sustainable Development, Jordan

Algerian Workers Forum, Algeria

American Human Rights Association, USA

Association of Human Rights Activists, Romania

Austrian Human Rights Council, Austria

Cameroon Association for Youth, Cameroon

Centre for Peace and Justice, South Africa

Centre for Rights and Development, U.K

Centre for Women and Children, Liberia

Children of Congo, Congo

Children's Development Council, Uganda

Development Agency of Somalia, Somalia

Eco Protection Mission, Brazil

Freedom Lovers Union, Russia

Friends of Nature Foundation, Canada

Global Forum for Human Rights, Denmark

Good Hope Foundation, Lebanon

Human Rights Foundation, Germany

Human Rights Mission, New Zealand

Human Rights Movement, Romania

Human Rights Movement, Sri Lanka

Human Rights Promotion Group, Bhutan

Human Rights Solidarity Movement, Zimbabwe

Humanist Association, Egypt

International Rights Mission, Sweden

Iran NCM party, Iran

Kenyan Agency for Development, Kenya

Migrants' Rights Protection Council, Mexico

National Forum for People's Rights, India

Peace and Justice Council, Indonesia

Peace Foundation, Malaysia

People's Forum for Peace in Syria, Syria

People's Union, Poland

Positive Women Group, Myanmar

Project C.A.R.E.S. Inc., Philippines

Rights Jessore, Bangladesh

Rights' Protection Council, Nigeria

Social Justice Movement, Italy

Society for Environmental Protection, Nepal

Society for Human Rights Studies, Ghana

The Civilian Foundation, Australia

WCP, Morocco

Women Empowerment Forum, Bangladesh

Women's Rights Mission, Greece

Youth for Human Rights Campaign, Nepal

Youths Mission, Ethiopia