Membership in World Human Rights Forum is given to both individuals and NGOs around the globe.
Applications for membership will be scrutinized by the Membership Committee of the WHRF and membership will be given to suitable individuals and NGOs on the basis of their contribution for the protection and promotion of human rights and values. The decision taken by the committee shall be final.

Privileges and Duties of Members

The privileges and duties of both the individual and organizational members are as follows:

The members of WHRF are bound to promote and protect human rights and values.

They shall not involve in any terrorist activities.

Information is disseminated to members on issues of human rights.

The names and links of the web sites of the member organizations will be given in the site of WHRF to promote the member organizations.

The prime events of the members are given in the site of WHRF which will promote the events globally.

Members have substantially reduced rates to attend international conferences and symposia organized by WHRF in association with the member       organizations in different countries.

Members may nominate individuals or organizations for the prestigious Word Human Rights Forum Awards in such categories as Human Rights,       Peace, Environment, Interreligious Cooperation, Humanitarian Endeavour, Media and Education.